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Indigo Market Acceleration Program is the continuation of Indigo Incubation Program. Together they comprise the Indigo Creative Nation, a startup incubation and acceleration program from Telkom Indonesia.

Whilst Indigo Incubation Program focus on guiding the startup in ideation, mvp building, and early traction phase, Indigo Market Acceleration program focus to scale up the current revenue of the startup by exposing them to bigger market and provide expertise guidance.
The end game of the program is to bring the startup to the next round of funding, which is the venture area (pre- series or series funding).

The startup must shown a good early traction with gross profit (or Revenue – COGS) of at least IDR 15 million per month.

We do our intake all through the year. If you want to join, please drop out your pitch deck here.

We do rigid selection process. From pitch deck, we pick the ones align with our investment thesis, conduct initial meeting with the startups, due diligence, and finally if all goes well, we will proceed with invesment offering.

We give at most IDR 2 billion with negotiable valuation based on our due diligence, in exchange of Convertible Notes (no interest).

Ranging from 2 to 5 years.

Telkom has the option to convert the Convertible Note into equity or not, based on the startup’s performance and Telkom’s investment appetite. Details will be covered on the contract (Perjanjian Kerjasama)

Ranging from a total of 6 to 18 months, depends on the business need. The program is divided into two tranches. In each tranches we construct KPIs to be achieved within the deadline, and the achievement of these KPIs will be the main condition of the next tranche’s fund disbursement.

We costumized the curriculum for each startup, based on the startup’s need.
In general, the program consists of mentoring with expertise, networking events with investors within or outside the country (upon availability), business collaboration with Telkom Group entities, etc.
We also monitor the progress of the KPI achievement, and evaluate accordingly.

Congratulations! You can contact the Market Acceleration team to schedule an evaluation meeting. If you are in the first tranche and pass the review, you can request for the second tranche funding. Or if you are already in the second tranche, then you are graduated from the program and can focus more on getting next round funding.

Yes, you can. In fact, we encourage you to do so. However, please bear in mind you need to consult with Indigo team regarding the terms offered by the next investors, to make sure there is no missunderstanding that could cause loss in either part.

You need to inform Market Acceleration team with formal email containing the soft copy of the signed term sheet. Moving forward, we will process the shifting of Convertible Note owned by Telkom to our Corporate Venture Capital, MDI.

First of all, MDI is the venture arm of Telkom, that focus on pre series and series stage startups in the region. Indigo Market Acceleration is bridging the startups’s early incubation stage to the venture stage. So MDI is the continuation of Indigo Market Acceleration, provided that the startup received follow on funding from investor outside of Telkom Group.
Following this event, the ownership of Convertible Note previously owned by Telkom will be transfered to MDI to expose the startups to venture area.
The conversion of Convertible Note into equity is decided by MDI, and based on their internal assessment and analysis.

Indigo has a network of expertises with a wide range of industry specialization. You can find the full list here. Upon contract signing, we will assign your startup with the expertise based on your business need. We will facilitate the initial one on one meeting. Should you feel like you need more experts to help you, you can always contact us.

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