OUR PROGRAM overview


There are two ways to enter the Indigo Creative Nation program, through the intake startup organized by Indigo Creative Nation (for more information, visit http://indigo.id) or through deal sourcing and canvassing activities from the Indigo Accelerator team.

One of the canvassing activities we do is through this website. You can submit a proposal via the Apply page, and we will review your proposal as soon as possible. An interesting startup that meets several criteria will be invited to an initial meeting to explain its products in person, before we decide to continue the due diligence process.


Our ticket size is up to IDR 2 billion or the equivalent of around USD 140,000 in exchange for negotiable Convertible Notes (without interest). The funding size we offer will be based on our due diligence to your startup.

Funding that startups will receive will be split into 2 phase and is 100% cash, and we do not charge anything to join our program. The value obtained including funding, facilities, market access, and other benefits will certainly be of greater value and cannot be measured. The market access that we provide can bring large revenue and market acquisition thus increasing the value of funding provided.

Program Structure

Startups that have joined and agreed with the investment offer from Indigo Accelerator, will be given several KPIs in 2 phase that are set so that the startup can be ready for the next funding series. We will do evaluation on KPIs after the duration set passed or after startup achieved all the KPIs before the deadline. Startup should pass KPIs Phase 1 to get second disbursement of funding. Program duration will vary, based on latest startup traction when we invest.

To achieve the KPIs, startups will get various facilities such as mentoring, networking, and the opportunity to collaborate with other startups and products from the Telkom Group. At the end of the program, startups will also have the opportunity to present their startup at our Demo Day event.